To Our SkyPark Community and Guests,

We hope that you are healthy and doing well while navigating through these difficult times. We are optimistic that we will be opening the Park soon based on the direction from local, state and federal agencies. The health and safety of SkyPark Guests and employees is the Resort’s highest priority. It is important to us that you have the ability to enjoy the outdoor experiences we offer in a safe and healthy way. With that as our highest priority, we have implemented a comprehensive Health and Safety Plan for all phases of opening SkyPark to the public. These guidelines have been developed based on guidelines from the CDC, the California Department of Public Health, and the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health.

-All Guests will be required to have a face covering on the property and be required to wear them while inside buildings or when interacting with Skypark Camp+ RV staff. SkyPark Staff members will be required to wear face coverings when interacting with Guests.

-Social Distancing Protocols for Guests and staff members in all areas will be enforced.

– The placement of extra hand sanitation stations throughout the resort common areas so Guests can easily and frequently sanitize their hands and family members’ hands. We do encourage Guests to bring their hand sanitizer if possible and use their own restroom facilities where possible.

-Additional COVID and infectious disease training for staff members on proper hand washing and common area cleaning, with ongoing reinforcement on a regular basis.

-Increase signage in the Resort restrooms and other areas encouraging frequent hand washing and noting best practices.

-Defined cycles for frequent cleaning and disinfection of common areas, restrooms, campsites, and laundry facilities.

-Additional end-of-day sanitation procedures for restrooms, laundry facilities, and other frequently used areas.

-Increased frequency in cleaning of restrooms, handrails, equipment, and other areas commonly used.

-SkyPark will close areas where social gathering is likely to occur including community firepits and common eating areas.

-Provide monitors who will enforce these new guidelines.

-Masks are required under California State Mandate when within 6′ of others who are not of your household and inside buildings frequented by the public.

-SkyPark reserves the right to remove any Guests who do not follow these guidelines.

-Reservations will be required before entering property.

-We ask that our Guests please be patient; hours, availability, etc., are subject to change at any time depending on Federal and State Guidelines. Check the website and our social media for the latest.

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